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Recording Gear

Everything I use to record my drums and drum covers

*please note when you buy through these links i earn a small comission*

Xvive U4 Ear Monitor System

This is my wireless in-ear system

xvive u4 monitor in ear wireless system

Lewitt Beatkit Pro

All the mics you need for drums

lewitt beatkit pro

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

This is my interface

scarlett 18i20 interface

Lewitt 340 TT Supercardioid

These are my tom mics

lewitt dtp 340 tt

Lewitt LCT 140 Air 

These are my overheads

lewitt lct 140 air

lewitt LCT040 Matched

This is my hihat microphone

lewitt lct 040 match

Lewitt LCT 440 Pure

This is my voice mic

lewitt lct 440 pure

Shure SM57

This is my top snare mic

shure sm57

Lewitt MTP 440 DM Dynamic

This is my snare bottom mic

lewitt mtp 400 dm

Lewitt DTP 640 Rex

This is my bass drum mic

lewitt dtp 640 rex

Wanna know a secret?

I make £0 from most of my drum covers because of copyright

so these are the best ways to help me continute calling this my job!

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

please only do it if you can afford to as i can't offer refunds

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