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mini fairhurst's setup

I'm always getting questions about how to record drum covers, what the best setup for streaming is, what a beginner drummer should be buying as the best first drum kit and what my drum and cymbal set up is. 

So I had the big brain idea (if I do say so myself) to update my website with a bunch of pages where you can see exactly what I have in my room, and if you want, you can click on the links and buy it yourself at the same time.


We can be matching...cute

A quick guide to my (Mini Fairhurst's) setup

All the drums and cymbals I use on my main drumkit

A bunch of accessories I think are kinda important to have

All the drum hardware that stops my stuff from falling over

All the lights that make my room look fancy

A few drum related things I recommend to beginner drummers

The microphones and interface I use to record my drum covers

Everything I have at my desk for streaming on Twitch and YouTube

It's mainly just guitars, ukueles and other stuff I happen to own...and a fidget cube

Psssst wanna know a secret?

I make £0 from most of my drum covers because of copyright 

so these are the best ways to help me continute calling this my job!

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please only do it if you can afford to as i can't offer refunds

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