Fun Stuff

It's mainly just other instruments...and a fidget cube

*please note when you buy through these links i earn a small comission*

Ibanez TMB30-IV Bass

This is my bASS

ibanez bass

Faith Nomad Mini-Nepture Guitar

This is my guitar

faith nomad guitar

Kala KA-T Ukulele

(Walk off The Earth signed mine)

kala ka-t ukulele

Arturia MicroLab Midi Keyboard

For when i'm trying to write songs

arturia microlab midi keyboard

Stagg Soprano Ukulele

This is my little ukulele

stagg ukulele

Fidget Cube

If you watch my streams you know what this is

fidget cube

Psssst wanna know a secret?

I make £0 from most of my drum covers because of copyright 

so these are the best ways to help me continute calling this my job!

please only do it if you can afford to as i can't offer refunds