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Drums & Cymbals

All the drums and cymbals I own. I'm lucky to be endorsed by Paiste, Natal and Remo.

Natal Steel Beaded Hammered Snare 

This is my 13" x 7" snare drum

Natal Steal Beaded Snare

Natal Café Racer 22"

This is my main drumkit

Natal Café Racer.

Natal DNA Stealth

This is my practice kit

Natal DNA stealth kit

Paiste Signature Dark Crisp 14"

These are my hi-hats

paiste dark crisp hi hat

Paiste 2002 Thin Crash 16"

This is my left side crash

paiste 2002 thin crash

Paiste 2002 Big Beat Crash 18"

This is my right side crash

paiste 2002 18" big beat crash

Paiste Signature Dark Energy Mark II Ride 20"

This is my ride cymbal

paiste 20" dark energy ride mark ii

*please note when you buy through these links I earn a small comission

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